Dog Training NSW
We are located near Southern Highlands NSW.
We are registered breeders of German Shepherd dogs.

We have been involved in all aspects of Obedience and Show Training for the last 20 years.

We have puppy socialisation for all breeds as well as basic pet obedience for dogs of all ages.

We can show you how to toilet train your puppy and how to get him to walk on lease, come to you when you call him, sit, stay, drop and heel.

We can also help with behavioural problems such as: aggression towards other dogs, being afraid/timid towards other dogs and or people, digging, pulling and barking.

All exercises are taught by repetition, kindness and rewards with pats, play sessions and little snacks given after a successful session.

And after your obedience class we also have hydrobath services for those who want their best friend to smell nice and clean.

We teach you, how to teach your dog. A well trained dog is a pleasure to take anywhere.

Socialisation with other dogs and people is a must. The puppies must be exposed from a very young age to all different kinds of situations outside their home, noices, shopping centres, other dogs and children.

How many times we have heard of families who have a dog with behavioural problems because he has been left alone in the back yard all his life.

For further information on our training sessions & charges please call Eva Rogers on 0408 951 752  or 46 83 0314