In this page you will find some horrific information as to what happens to our loyal and faithfull companions
if they are unlucky enough to end up in an Animal Shelter or  the Pound.
Thousands of dogs are being killed it's year at the Animal Shelters and  Pounds in Australia.

By law, the pounds/shelters are required to keep them for 14 days if they are microchipped and 7 days if they are not.
With the exemption of :The minute the owner surrenders his dog, the pound has the right to kill that dog straight away.
There has been known cases of dogs which are ready to be re-homed  and yet they have been killed the day before they are due to be released.
My very personal experience was of a beautiful male German Shepherd Dog which I saw in one of the pounds and had informed the staff that I was trying to find a suitable home for him. They had given me a final date which I had to go by and even though  I was  well within the time limit they had given me, upon arrival to pick up this dog for his new family, we were told that he had been "put down" only 2 hours before.

The pound staff are very cold hearted and not very helpful at all. The dogs mean nothing to them. They would rather see them dead than than try to find them a home. That's too hard and it takes too much of their time , it is easier and quicker to kill them, instead.

In most pounds/shelters, the dogs are housed  in runs in metal sheds which  have no  suitable bedding and are on concrete floors. The pound workers  clean the dog runs with the dogs in them, by turning on the hose and hosing down the faeces, urine etc. while the dogs are in, so  as you can imagine everything splashes everywhere.
The floors stay wet for hours before they dry, and the poor dogs young or old  have no choise but to lie there.
If the impound dogs are lucky they are fed on  just dry kibble which is often  thrown on the floor, but also they can go hungry for days for the reason of that if they don't eat than they do not shit, so it's less work for the  pound workers - no mess - no clean up.

If at any time the dog shows any signs of aggresion or fear to any  staff member, or if a staff member takes a dislike to this particular dog,  they then will label that dog as "Aggresive - Not For Sale".
I have seen the most beautiful, well behaved dogs, behind bars, waiting for someone to save them and yet these dogs have no chance of getting out alive.
Under the horrific & stressful  conditions which these dogs are housed under, even the most well behaved, good temperament dogs, would find it hard to cope with.
So what chance these poor animals have especilally if they are a bit timid because they might have been mistreated by their previous uncaring owners etc.

The public who surrenders their dogs for one reason or another are never told that the majority of those dogs will be killed almost instantly.

It's like seeing the Jews in the concentration camps. The dogs have different colour tags  for the different days of the week which are supposed to go for the slaughter.
For example green tag for Monday. orange for Tuesday etc.
No one is spared, even when the majority of the runs are empty and only a few dogs left, they kill them also, to make room for the next lot  of victims arriving , so they say.......This practice takes place every week, for 52 weeks in a year. At Christmas and public/school  hollidays are  the worse times as the numbers of dogs rise, so you can imagine how many would die daily.

The killing is done in the early hour of the morning, before the shelter opens to the public.The dogs which are sceduled to die,  are taken to a building in the back of the pound, where the puplic cannot see. In there they await their turn, while they are watching  the other dogs die one by one.Innocent victims of todays society, if they were human babies, there would be a public outcry, but because they are dogs, no one seems to care.

The person which euthanises the dogs is not a vet, just a heartless pound worker which gets great pleasure of giving them the lethal injction.And "he takes no nonsence" I've been told by one of tha staff, "he is very good with his work, the aggresive ones he catches with the pole, puts them into a small cage which they cannot turn around , and injects them with the big green needle through the wire".

The dogs bodies  are than loaded into a freezer truck and stay in there till the truck gets full and once a week they take them to the local tip and dump their bodies in the "hazard waste" area of the tip.You can imagine the smell........(NSW excluded ? )
Also commercial dog food companies are known to use  pet bodies in their products so don't  be suprised if some of the dead frozen bodies are distibuted for that reason.
Pound workers have  made comments  that the dogs they see one week, are never there the following week.Some of them will say it's sad but they get used to it, knowing the fate that awaits the poor little animals from one week to the next.
Only the very few lucky ones get out alive, the majority  is either killed by the poison injection,or send to the universities for unnesessary and cruel experiments.

What you can do to stop this senceless killing
                                      DESEX YOUR PETS
Unless used for breeding purposes by registered breeders all dogs should be desexed at six months of age.

For females, desexing before their first season reduces the risk of developing breast cancer later on in life by approximately 250 times. In addition the desexed female is less likely to roam and will no longer be attractive to males. It also reduces the risk of mummary tumors and uterus infections which can be fatal.

For males, desexing means that they are less likely to roam, get into fights or mark their territory. It also greatly reduces the risk of getting prostate disease/cancer and hernias later on in lfe.

Desexing your dog it also reduces greatly the cost of registration.


Buy your pets from a reputable registered breeder who breeds under the codes and ethics of the Royal NSW Canine Council.
Do not buy on impulse from your local pet shop or from the uncaring owner whos dog has fallen pregnant to some other dog or dogs of unknown breed and has a litter of Heinz variety pups.


Before you bring your new puppy or adult dog  home, you must make sure that you have secure fensing and gates to keep him in.
Dogs that roam the streets can be in danger of them selfes and other animals or people. Never leave your gates open for the dog to go out for a stroll and come back again. Alot of them don't make it back! They either will get injured by oncoming cars or will get picked up by the local "dog catcher" and end up in the pound which in turn if they can trace the dog back to you, will charge you a fee to get him back out, or if the dog has no ID, he will get put down.


If you are planning to go away on hollidays, either choose a place were you can take your pet with you or make arrangements for suitable accomodation for him well in advance.
After all he is part of your family and he depends on you for his well being and safety.In return he will give you so much love and affection and he will be your loyal friend till the end.You wouldn't let a family member die like this so why let your pet.

These are some photos from the dead dogs  bodies at the "Hazard Waste"area  in the tip.
                 INNOCENT VICTIMS
What crime have they commited to die like this ?