Commercial Dog Food -the facts
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Vaccinations.....needed or not
Names for your new Puppy
Health Issues & Information
Human foods that can poison your pet
Holistic Pet Care
Basic Canine Medical Information
Pet Medicine Chest
Rhosyn Kennels
Bodecka Kennels
Obican Kennels
Kazkiri Kennels
Takanilee Kennels
German Shepherd Dog  Breeders Australia & Overseas
GSD Clubs of Australia
GSDLeague of NSW
GSDC of Victoria
GSDC of Queensland
German Shepherd Dog Council of Australia
Natural Alternatives for your pet
Zellburg Kennels
Camnusch Kennels
German Shepherds slaughtered for their fur and flesh
Millions of dogs & cats are brutally killed each year for their fur & meat......read on
Astana Kennels
Tramella Kennels
Videx Kennels
Do you suspect your pet is a victim of vaccine damage
Rostadgarden kennels
Alternative Care for dogs and cats
Plants poisonous to dogs
Testimonials of amazing cures with holistic veterinary treatments
Natural first aid kit for pets
Why does your dog eat grass?
Prevent & Cure Fleas Naturally
Diseases in dogs
Canine health
Bloat - prevention & cure
Movies of vaccination reactions
Types of Cancer in Dogs
Heart problems in Dogs
It's a Dog Shop
All Top Dogs
Amberixs Kennels
Zinc & Selenium
SV German Sieger Shows VA1 Results 1994 - 2005
Cancer in dogs
Tick photos
First aid for dogs
Canine reproduction
Bloat & allergies
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Herbs for dogs
This is an excellent site with lots of info, highly recomended.