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The German Shepherd Dog came into being on April 22nd 1899 with the formation of the founding club, the Verein fur Deutsche Schaferhunde (SV) eV. Rittmeister (cavalry captain) Max von Stephanitz was elected as the first president .

Right from the beginning the German Shepherd Dog was seen by Max von Stephanitz (and others of course) as essentially a working dog which could ber used  by the services and police for protection , rescue work, and as a quide dog for the blind.

The character of the GSD, especcially its  alertness and attention, its courage and faithfulness together with
his acute senses have made this particularly breed  one of the world's most popular companion dogs.
Breed:                                            German Shepherd Dog
Temperament:                                Intelligent, loyal, alert, protective
Lifespan:                                        12-14 years
Cost:                                               $1200-1800
Maintenance:                                  Low (short hair) - Medium (long hair)
Recomended for:                            Active families with older children
The coat of the GSD  is waterproof and it has 2 main colours - black and gold and sable.

There are also pure black German Shepherds as well as pure white, but the white is not desirable in the show ring.

The male dogs are 61-67 cm tall and weigh 34-45 kg.
The females are 56-61 cm tall and weigh 28-35 kg.
German Shepherds are very intelligent and respond very well to training. They  excell
in Obedience, Tracking, Agility as well as in the Show ring.

They need to start obedience as from very young , especially the ones that are strong minded and dominating.Without some form of structured task to perform, they will become bored and destructive.Without the discipline of training the dog will test it's superiors with dispalys of aggrsion and other kinds of bad behaviour.

They also  need to be exposed  to a variety of enviroments and situations as from a very young age.
German Shepherds should not be left in the back yard with no exersise as they can become very bored and distractive. They are  recomended  for active families with older children and they do require part of your time for training and playing.
Lack of exersise results not only in reduced fitness, but in emotionsl frustration and aggression.A tired dog is a quiet, happy and well behaved dog.
At least half an hour a day of brisc activity is sufficient to maintain conditioning, although they can happily engage in more.

A well behaved German Shepherd Dog is a pleasure to be with and he makes a wonderful  companion !
But at the same time, in the wrong hands and enviroment he can become the opposite.
The German Shepherd Dog is not a Breed for everyone.

The German Shepherd Dog  is alert, loyal, attentive, calm self assured. He has steady nerves and great courage and scenting ability.

He has harmonious proportions and gives an impression of innate strengh, suppleness and inteligence. He is sound in mind and body and has the mental and physical attributes to make him ready for action as a working dog.

He is able to adapt himself to a wide range of situations and he possesses the courage  and determination to defend him self and protect his master  if need arise.

He is an obedient, pleasant member of the household, quite in his own  enviroment,  and is very good with children and other animals and  confident with adults.
German Shepherds are used in a variety of work including rescue, helping the police with searching for drugs and guns. they are also being used by the armed services, for protection, tracking, herding, and as a quide dog for the blind.

They make magnificant obedience dogs, and quide dogs as well as being very good companions and beloved family pets.

The German Shepherd Dogs are also being used as in " Therapy Dogs" programs in hospitals, with great success.
Bringing a Gernan Shepherd in to home, you are making an additon to your family
and  he will feel part of it very quickly.

Everything and everyone in your household will be under his special care.
He will protect his family and their possesions with his life if need be.

In return for such loyalty he needs your love and understanding, but also he needs your correct attention to his  exercise, grooming, food and general care.

He should not be confined into a small yard and he needs daily exersise, otherwise he will become bored and distractive.It's brains and brawn require time,energy and handling skills.

If you can give him all of the above you will share the most amazing companionship  and love for many years.
All of my dogs are raised in a family enviroment and are very good with children and other pets.