National Silver Medalist Winner & Reserve Open Sieger March 2006 Melbourne - Victoria
SG14 Gagarin von Bad Boll  Sch.HIII Kkl.I (Imp Gmy)
Sire: VA Kevin von Murrtal Sch.HIII Kkl.I
Dam: VA Frau Della Loggia dei Mercanti Sch.HII Kkl.I
Gagarin von Bad Boll Sch. HIII Kkl.I
Breed Survey: Large dog of very good type & expression, good strength of bone, very well proportioned, high wither, firm back and well positioned croup, straight front, good pasterns, he is very well angulated in the fore and hindquarters.
The gait is powerfull with convincing reach & drive.
TSB ( courage & compative instincts) pronounced, releases sleeve on commant.

Very well propotioned male, of excellent anatomical construction, powerfull & far reaching gait.

For all bloodlines, suitable to improve type & construction.
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Max was imported from Germany in August 2004.
He was placed SG 14 at the World Seiger Show held in Ulm, Germany 2003 in the Intermediate class.

               VA Visum von Arminius     (4-3)
               VA Jeck von Norricum       (5-4)
               VA Fedor von Arminius      (5-5,5)
               VA Odin von Tannenmeise  (5-5)
               VA Quina von Arminius      (5-5)
               VA Mark von Haus Beck    (5-4,5)

Max is produsing strong, big boned, substantial puppies  with
very good Hips & Elbows as well as very good colour and pigment and very dark brown eyes.
All of his pups have excellent temperaments and outgoing characters.
Although the oldest puppies in his progeny are just on 12 months old, they are already showing great willingness to work and are doing very well in  both, show & obedience.
Stud dogs NSW Gagarin von Bad Boll.
Best stud dog in nsw australia
Max is the Silver Medalist & Reserve Open Sieger for our 34th National Show & Trial, March 2006 Melbourne - Victoria. Judge : Herr Erich Bosl (SV).