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"Trinnie" came to live with me at the age of 3 years old.
Prior to that she did not have a very good start in life. I fell in love with her from the very first time I saw her , her beautiful dark chocolate eyes and her loving personality was very hard to resist.

We became great friends and went everywhere together. My task was to teach her  to trust and feel confident  again despite of her past.
I succeded in a very short time.She was a very good learner and very eager to please me.
She was a very special girl with a big heart and very  loving and beautiful personality.

And  as the years went by our friendship grew stronger and bigger.We were always together, at the park playing ball, at  the beach swimming, going for long walks. Training was never a problem, she learned everything so fast. I loved her so much!!!

"Trinnie" passed away on the  12th of Feb' 2002. She  died in my arms at 10pm on that horrible
Tuesday night.
Her death was due to wrong medication given by a well known Vet .
Only the week before her death she was  doing everything  normal, just like any other  dog.
If  I had known then what I know now, I would have never trusted this so called "very good vet".

She now lies sleeping underneath the peppercorn tree. This tree was a favourite place for her, she used to sit in the shade underneath and watch the world go by.

"Trinnie" taught me many things while she was alive.If  I hadn't known her, my love for the German Shepherds would have never been as strong.
I wouldn't be  doing all the  activities and competitions that I do now if it wasn't for her.
And  she taught me even more after she died. She taught me to live every day to the fullest and share my love with the ones I love ( all my 4 legged friends) because they're not here long enough and each day must be a special day, doing  all the  fun things we like to do together.

Each day that passes by, I love her even more.Maybe some day our hearts will find a way so we can be together again. I will never forget her!
7.6.1989 -  12.2.2002  "Trinnie"
This is "Trinnie's" story
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