Eternbur Kennels are located near Southern Highlands, Sydney NSW Australia.
The dogs are free to run & play on our 3 acre property and they sleep inside the house.
Eternbur German Shepherds are a small but select breeding kennel in NSW Australia. I am breeder of  high quality German Shepherd Dogs from  premier champion bloodlines ,which live long and healthy lifes without any of the complications that may arise from "Fashion Breeding".
But I cannot control the environment which the pups live in after they live their mum.
A healthy and sound pup can still develop growth and temperament problems due to the environmental factors/traumas and or nutritional deficiencies in the diet.
All adults and puppies are of correct type and  sound temperament
and are  recomended for active families and big dog lovers,
for show, obedience, agility, tracking,
or for just that special family pet as they are very good with children.
All the dogs have hip and elbow clearance from the  National German Shepherd Council of Australia and are Breed Surveyed.
They are fed on an all natural  diet which consists of: raw meaty bones from lamb and beef, chicken, fresh fruit and vegetables, eggs, cottage cheese and of course they cannot go without their fresh goat's milk.
I do not use any
commercial dry or tin food and I find that the above diet works very well for them and it shows, they just look terrific !!!
I have been involved with German Shepherds for the last 20 years,in all aspects of training.
We compete in obedience, show and agility trials and we have gained many awards and excellent results.
All of my dogs are very special to me and I love them more than anything or anyone else in this world.

Please take time to view the rest of my site and to see some wonderfull photos of my special friends as well as more information about the German Shepherd Dog.

Contact Eva Rogers on 0408 951 752 or  (02) 46 83 0314
             Ex-Member of the following organisations.......

  The German Shepherd Dog League New South Wales GSDL NSW
  The  National German Shepherd Dog Council Australia GSDCA
                           Current member of:
  Dogs New South Wales previously operating under the name of:
  The Royal NSW  Canine Council  RNSWCC
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All of my dogs are raised in a family environment and are very good with children and other pets.
I do not believe in Western Medications & Drug Treatments. Antibiotics,Steroids & Pain Killers are the silent killers.

For example :
Dog has a specific condition..........vet puts dog on Antibiotics or Cortisone which is a steroid and comes under many different names, condition improves while on medication but returns as soon as the medication is finished.

How many of you have been through this.

Later on dog gets problems with his liver & kidneys etc. but we are not going to relate his condition with the Drugs he has been taking through out his life or are we?..............

When antibiotics are used, both good & bad bacteria are destroyed in the intestinal tract.Once the antibiotics are stopped, the bad bacteria grows back and faster.The result is a very unhealthy and weak body with no friendly bacteria.
Diarrhoea, abdominal pain, severe inflammation of the colon (colitis), irritable bowel syndrome, skin problems, fever, elevated white blood cell count, weak immune system, vomiting, dehydration, allergies, bad breath, excess stomach gas, yeast problems, nutritional deficiencies and constipation are just some of the many effects and problems linked to antibiotics.

Steroids/Cortisones are used many times for different illness/disease, the reason for using them is to reduce inflammation and swelling, they do not heal the animal.
They work by suppresing the body's immune system not healing the body of the disease or illness!
Inflammation and swelling are a normal part of the body's immune responce........Steroids do not cure anything, they only suppress the symptoms and drive them deeper within the system.

A very special girl of mine died in front of my eyes due to reaction to Cortisone, because at the time I trusted a very well known Vet in Sydney so much.
Click here to read Trinnie's story.

It's because of her that I decided to do a lot of research on  the drugs & medications we give our pets and decided to use alternative treatments such as Homeopathic & Herbal Remedies which I have had great success with.
Click  at the
Homeopathic Reference Guide for more info and some wonderful alternative ideas on how to treat your pet naturally.

A very special Thank You to Mr Gary Barnsley D.A.Ac, D.A.C from:
ANIMAL HOLISTIC THERAPIES for looking after my dogs "The Natural Way".
He is an Acupuncture, Chiropractic, Myotherapy & Biochemics Consultant with experience of over 35 years in dogs, horses and other animals.
Located at 150 Wolstenholme Ave, Greendale NSW   Ph: 02 47 74 8491
My dogs share their life with 10 sheep,some chickens, ducks, geese, peach face lovebirds, a gallah which I saved after she was hit by a car and due to her accident cannot fly, and Patch.
Patch is a rescue dog which is also very good with all animals. Her previous uncaring owner was going to shoot her as he no longer had any use for her after he sold his property and moved in to the city.
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We have pet dog positive training private sessions, for all breeds, using gentle methods & techniques. Can also help with behavioural problems.Click here for details
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